Cowboy And Preacher, The Heart of Man, & Christ In You: The Voice - DVD 3-Pack

Cowboy And Preacher, The Heart of Man, & Christ In You: The Voice - DVD 3-Pack

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Cowboy And Preacher - DVD
Cowboy and Preacher makes the case for Evangelical Christians to care for the earth. Join Christian pastor, cowboy and environmentalist Tri Robinson to discover why Evangelicals have abdicated their duty to be God's stewards of this earth to the political left. Far from being contradictory, Christianity and the environment belong together. See why it's time for Evangelicals to follow his lead!

The Heart Of Man - DVD

The Heart of Man is a story inviting the sons and daughters of God to leave behind our broken, moralistic and religious way of thinking and relating to God and to others. Once we begin to know who God is (and as a result who we are), we have something to invite the world into. Freedom from performance. Freedom from managing our behavior so we appear acceptable to God. Freedom from our addictions, compulsive behaviors, secrecy and double lives. This film tears the veil of confusion over the church's current identity crisis and enables it to invite the rest of the world to the banquet God is throwing all of us. The film features emotional interviews with real people going through their mess and subsequent healing, and includes expert witnesses of such men as William Paul Young, author of the NY Times best-selling novel The Shack, Dan Allender, Ph.D, author of The Wounded Heart and Spoken Word Artist Jackie Hill Perry. All of that is interwoven with a production-rich prodigal son narrative story shot in Hawaii. Bonus features include: Behind the Scenes, Roundtables

Christ In You: The Voice - DVD

God spoke creation into existence. His voice transformed chaos into order and created life in an instant. He had conversations with Adam and Eve, and continued speaking to the world through the ancient prophets. But then what? Did God stop speaking to humankind altogether? Or did God scan the earth for the next person who was listening… to continue the conversation? 

Embark on a journey of incredible adventure with a loving Father that will change your life forever! A captivating exploration of the power of prophecy with Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Lisa Bevere, John Bevere, Graham Cooke, Bob Hazlett, Raniero Cantalamessa, and more. Get inspired to listen to the voice of God and to take action on what He is saying. An exploration of the power of ordinary Christians, who set an example by partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing God’s perspective wherever they go.